Beers brewed at HBC since May 2007. A good many friends that will be returning and a few that we hope Rest In Peace.
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    2:01 I.R.A. – 9.5% ABV
Supercharged red ale that balances a hop profile with a rich malt backbone.  

3rd Anniversary Ale - 7.8% ABV
A unique interpretation of a Belgian Saison.  Brewed with pilsner and wheat malts this beer was made entirely with American hops including a dry hop addition.  Straw yellow in color with generous carbonation.  

540 Apricot Wheat – 5.2% ABV
A golden wheat beer brewed with ten gallons of local backyard apricot puree and an authentic Belgian yeast strain. 

543 I.P.A. - 6.8% ABV
Dry and snappy West Coast I.P.A. with a booming hop aroma that is backed up by a subtle yet bracing bitterness.

6th Anniversary Ale - 6.1% A.B.V.
An homage to one of our all time favorite beers of Belgium.  Crisp & hoppy with an amazing yeast aroma and flavor.  Hazy yellow and brewed to be incredibly drinkable.  We hope you enjoy drinking this beer as much as me enjoyed brewing it!

7th Anniversary Ale - 6.9% ABV
Brewedfor our 7th anniversary, this West Coast I.P.A. is features, Mosaic, Cascade and Centennial hops. Cheers!

8th Anniversary - 8.9% ABV
Brewed to celebrate our 8th anniversary this golden West Coast Imperial/Double I.P.A. booms with the flavors and aromas of American hops while having malt balance enough to remain incredibly drinkable. Cheers!

85.9 I.P.A. – 7.0% ABV

A slightly malty but aggressively hopped India Pale Ale balanced with aromas of tropical fruit.

Abbey Dubbel – 6.8% ABV
Deep, flavorful, Belgian ale brewed with 25 lbs. of raisin puree, 12 malts and a fruity yeast profile. 

Admiral Browning - 7.0% ABV
Imperial Brown Ale finished with Verve coffee beans from our friends at The French Press and Ecuadorian cacao nibs. Light Roast and caramel malt flavors blend with chocolatey notes and rich, fruity and jam-like coffee overtones.

Altered State - 6.7% ABV

Our German style Sticke beer, a hopped up German Alt traditionally brewed once a year in September, is the perfect little "secret" for amber ale lovers.  

Anniversary Ale – 7.8% ABV
A rich and bold Imperial Brown Ale with flavors of toffee and brown sugar.  

Asleep at the Wheel – 6.0% ABV
An American style Strong Pale Ale.  Easy drinking golden ale hopped with a mix of Columbus, Cascade and Amarillo.  

Angry Sun - 8.5% ABV
American style Double Stout distinguished by its rich malt flavors and lingering roasted bite.  Blended with Intelligentsia coffee after fermentation, this high alcohol ale balances malt flavors and bitterness.

Arlington Amber - 6.2% ABV
Mellow amber ale featuring a smooth toasted caramel malt profile and a lingering citrusy American hop finish.

At Dawn - 5.1% ABV
With the help of our friends at SB's finest coffee shop, The French Press, and some tasty beans from The Verve Coffee Roasters, this oatmeal coffee stout is brewed with loads of flaked oats and chocolate malts, then finished with freshly roasted Verve coffee beans and TCHO Organic cacao nibs.

Avocado Honey Brown - 5.0% ABV
Classic English style brown ale finished with local avocado blossom honey for a subtly sweet complement to the robust malt character.


Barleywhine – 9.7% ABV
Rich and malty, balanced by a generous addition of hops. This beer is brewed with 50 lbs of brown sugar.  

Beachside Blonde - 4.8% ABV
German style Kolsch ale. Crisp & clean with an earthy hop bite.  

Beer For Brit - 6.2% ABV
With the support of Brewer's Supply Group and Roy Farms, HBC presents its latest I.P.A. offering in tribute to our friend Brit Antrim who was recently paralyzed in a workplace accident.  In concert with Pizza Port, Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Great Divide, Lost Abbey, Avery Brewing Company, Cambridge Brewing Company and Maui Brewing Company, HBC will be donating $2.00 from every pint sold to benefit Brit's family.

Beer With Hops I.P.A. – 6.2% ABV
Bright golden in color this lighter weight I.P.A. has a crisp hop bite and fresh floral aroma.  

Beer With Hops (April 2011) - 5.5% ABV
Golden colored pale ale brewed with a single hop varietal.  This new hop varietal, Nelson Sauvign, is grown exclusively in New Zealand.  It has an aroma reminiscent of freshly pressed grape juice and is extremely floral and aromatic.  

Belgian Country Pale – 5.8% ABV
Rustic amber colored ale with an earthy hop bite and a pronounced esther profile.  

Belgian Dark Strong Ale –10.5% ABV
A Belgian style quadruple brewed ale with piloncillo, a Mexican cane sugar, and caramelized raisin puree.  

Belgian Tripel – 8.0% ABV
A classic interpretation of the quintessential Belgian beer style. Golden in color with a slightly sweet mouthfeel.  

Bier de Table – 3.5% Abv
A Belgian style table beer, full flavored and gently spiced with sage, white pepper and a touch of honey.  

Big Box Brown - 5.8% ABV
Rich, robust and malty brown ale with hints of caramel and toffee.  

Black Eye. P. A. - 7.0% ABV
A paradigm shift in hop perception. Dark, smooth and hoppy.  American style Imperial Stout packed with rich malt flavors.  

Black Ice Imperial Stout - 10.5% ABV
American style Imperial Stout packed with rich malt flavors.  Deep within, roasted barley notes and a hint of chocolate sweetness dominate, but a firm hop bitterness balances this monstrous strong ale.

Black Oak Stout - 8.2% ABV

Imperial Belgian Stout balanced by notes of roasted barley and chocolate. Packed with rich malt flavors and a yeasty earthiness.  

Bloody Hammer - 6.5% ABV
A robust Oatmeal Stout with aromas of chocolate and toasted oats that finishes with a full, silky mouth-feel

Blown Out Stout – 5.0% ABV
Rich and slightly sweet dark ale served on nitrogen for a creamy mouth feel.  

Bowling & Beyond D.I.P.A. – 8.0% ABV
This Double India Pale Ale is a pale yellow beauty packed with bright hop flavors and just the right balance of malt sweetness.  

Braids of Fury - 6.0% ABV
A golden Pale Ale that deftly weaves together distinct malt character, ample bitterness and the earthy citrus and pine notes of Amarillo and Simcoe hops.

Bushwick Stout - 4.0% ABV

Traditional Irish dry stout with copious amounts of roasted and flaked barley. Served on nitrogen.

Canoa I.P.A. - 6.8% ABV
Light bodied American style I.P.A. with hints of citrus followed by a crisp, clean and refreshing finish. Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade and Columbus hops combine for a big American hop flavor and aroma.

Chocolate Milk Stout - 6.2% ABV
Rich and chocolately this full flavored stout is brewed with 30 lbs. of milk sugar and 20 lbs. of TCHO cacao nibs.

Coastal Common - 5.2% ABV
Brewed in the style of a California Common, but fermented and aged like a lager, this light and refreshing beer is hopped exclusively with Cascade creating a bright and fruity beverage to sip in the sun.

Condor Trail Ale 4.2% ABV
Brewed in collaboration with The Condor Trail Association to raise awareness and funds for the construction and maintenance of what is sure to become a backcountry treasure.  Incorporating freshly picked wild spring white sage and water collected from the headwaters of the Sisquoc River, this beer is both hoppy and herbaceous.  Golden yellow in color, we’ve finished the beer with just a touch of Santa Ynez wild sage honey to fill out the body. Proceeds to benefit the C.T.A.

Contract Killer I.P.A. – 7.2% ABV

This massive new I.P.A. is defined by rich aromas of sweet pineapple and citrus, yet still just enough malt to back up its bracing hop bitterness.  

Crosseyed & Painless - 8.8% ABV
Light amber in color, this Double India Pale Ale is generously hopped with a mixture of Centenial, Cascade, Citra and Columbus.  Profoundly aromatic with flavors of citrus and resin.  

Ctrl Alt Delete - 5.0% ABV
Copper colored Dusseldorf style Alt beer.  Extremely drinkable, this beer is a balance of malt and nobel European hops.  Crisp and clean with a nice hop bite.    

Dan - 8.0% ABV
Super easy drinking D.I.P.A.. Bright yellow in color with a huge floral hop nose.  A modified Hip Hop with less alcohol and thus a more hoppy taste. This beer was brewed as a one-time tribute to regular customer "Dan" Gosselin.  Cheers Dan!  

Dark Waters Lager – 6.0% ABV
Amber colored lager with aromas and flavors of toffee and biscuit. In spite of its amber color, Dark Waters is one of our lightest and most refreshing offerings.  

Double A - 5.5% ABV
This malt driven beer is characterized by a toasty and nutty sweetness balanced with a light hop bite.  

Dunkelweizen - 5.0% ABV
A darker and richer version of a German wheat beer brewed with dark wheat and Munich malts.

Edward 40 Hands – 7.6% ABV
Crisp & fruity American style malt liquor. Made like the big boys do with 6 row malt, rice, corn & sugar.  

English Summer Pale – 4.4% ABV
Brewed with oats and flake wheat this summer pale has a fresh, soft hop bite. 

Fire Dragon I.R.A. 7.0% ABV
Fusing caramel malt richness with forceful bitterness and massive aroma of citrus and pine, this India Red Ale is a force to be reckoned with.

Five Foot Shadow - 10.8% ABV

Imperial Oatmeal Porter.
Man, Myth, Legend. 5'6", my ass! 
I love you Batman.

Fairview Farmhouse Ale – 5.5% ABV

Belgian Saison fermented at elevated temperatures for an earthy yeasty flavor profile.

Foreign Holiday - 5.9% ABV
Our version of a classic English style pub ale combining rich malt flavors with solid bitterness and brewed with a touch of rye creating a distinct spicy character.

German Alt 5.0% ABV
A copper colored ale distinguished by a subdued malt profile.  

Glen Annie Golden – 5.8% ABV
Fruity yeast flavor, this refreshingly bright ale is brewed with coriander, white pepper and cumin.  

Here & There - 6.2% ABV
Belgian style blonde ale brewed to be easy drinking and exceptionally smooth.  Hazy gold in color with a dense white head, it's the perfect thirst quencher. Brewed in collaboration with some guy from a brewery that makes pizza.

High Water Helles – 5.0% ABV
German lager brewed to be slightly more full bodied than a pilsner, but still with a nice hop bite.  

Hip Hop D.I.P.A – 9.5% ABV
Quintessential American style Imperial/ Double I.P.A. Deep golden in color, it is both bold and balanced.  2008 & 2009 GABF medalist.  

Hippie Kicker I.P.A. - 7.2% ABV
Bold and brash American style I.P.A.  This beer has a bracing hop bitterness and aggressive in your face aroma.  Expect a dry and sharp lingering aftertaste from this golden yellow meanie.  

Hollister Hefeweizen - 5.0% ABV
A light Bavarian wheat ale with hints of banana and clove.
Hot Flash - 5.4% ABV
An American amber ale that is assertively bitter,  but with sweet caramel toffee notes and bright piney American hop flavor and aroma.

Immigrant Stout - 7.0% ABV
Ink black ale brewed to be easy drinking, but still packed with a punch. Deep flavors of chocolate and dark fruit dominate a background of roasted barley and English malt sweetness.

Imperial Red - 8.5% ABV
An aggressive red ale brewed to be both hoppy and malty while remaining highly drinkable.

I'm So Witty - 4.4% ABV
A traditional Belgian style Wit. This unfiltered wheat beer is full bodied and brewed with coriander and both sweet and bitter orange peel creating a citrus spice flavor and aroma.

India Brown Ale - 7.8% ABV
Deep brown to garnet in color this beer is a variation on an India Pale Ale.  Brewed exclusively with English malts and a blend of Centennial and Simcoe hops.

India Red Ale - 7.5% ABV
Differing from standard I.P.A this hop bomb has a fuller malt body and deeper amber hue, while still retaining the hop bitterness and aroma qualities of an I.P.A.  

Irish Red – 6.2% ABV
This malt driven ale is defined by its deep caramel backbone balanced with a subdued hop profile.  

Irish Red II– 5.5% ABV
Malty amber ale with a subdued hop profile brewed with 20 lbs. of peat smoked malt.  

Just Another I.P.A. - 6.4% ABV
The latest addition to our catalogue of hoppy beer is light bodied and loaded with Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo and Citra hops.

The J - 6.8% ABV
Brewed with organic hemp seeds and smoked malt. Reminiscent of a smoky campfire bacon taste.


Kristalweiss – 5.4% ABV
Filtered German wheat beer brewed with oats and honey malt for a smooth mouthfeel.  

Landlord Lager - 5.1% ABV
Our version of a German style Pilsner.  Crisp and refreshing with an assertive bitterness and hop aroma, this is a true thirst quencher.

LemonAle - 4.5 % ABV

American wheat beer brewed with the zest and juice of 50 lbs. of Goleta lemons and spiced with fresh ginger root and lemongrass. 

Lolita - 6.3% ABV
This American version of a Belgian Saison is dry hopped and hazy yellow in color.

Loud Mouth Soup – 8.4% ABV
Scottish style Wee Heavy ale.  Deep mahogany to brown in color this strong ale is a malt monster.  Flavors of chocolate and dark fruit dominate, but are balanced by a subdued hop profile.
Lucky Man Red - 6.3% ABV
This aggressive amber ale combines fruity floral hops with rich caramel and a hint of roast malt character for the perfect marriage of flavor.  Congrats to  Mr. and Mrs. Bagby!

Maiden Voyage I.P.A. - 6.2% A.B.V.
A traditional style English I.P.A., this beer is hopped using Old World varietals including EKG, Fuggles, First Gold and Phoenix hops.  This makes for an earthy and spicy hop profile as opposed to the fruity flavors of The Pope.  Slightly lower in alcohol than an American style I.P.A., this beer has a more distinctive malt profile that is dominated by toasted caramel like flavors.

Magic Clamps Weizenbock - 9.3 % ABV
A dark and strong German wheat beer. Full rich mouthfeel with aromas of fruit and spice.

Master Plan D.I.P.A. - 8.9% ABV
This Imperial/Double India Pale Ale overflows with rich citrus-like aromas followed by an assertively  bitter mouthfeel and delicious tropical hop flavors.

Milk Stout - 5.0% ABV
Mid-weight American style stout brewed with lactose.  

Morbius Double I.P.A – 8.8% ABV
A new addition to our already extensive repertoire of D.I.P.A.s, this beer is differentiated by an increase in caramel malt flavor and an entirely new hop regimen.


Nano Brown - 4.2% ABV
An English Dark Mild with toffee and roasted malt aroma and flavor with a slightly earthy hop profile.

Orange Blossom Special - 5.5% ABV
A light refreshing golden ale for summer brewed with 6 gallons of local orange blossom honey and the peels of 25 pounds of oranges.  

Organic Amber - 5.8% ABV 
Aggressively hopped American Amber ale brewed with 100% organic malts and hops.

Organic E.S.B. - 5.4 % ABV
Extra Special Bitter similar to an English pale ale and brewed with 100% organic malt.  

Organic Summer Wheat – 5.0% ABV
Refreshing wheat beer brewed with 100% organic German malts, La Patera lemons, local sage and San Marcos Farms sage honey.  


Passion Fruit Wit – 5.0% ABV
This Belgian wheat beer is made with 50% wheat and 50% barley and a hefty dose of passion fruit puree.

Passive Aggressive Pale – 5.0% ABV
This pale ale is long on hops and flavor.  Sharp aromas of pine and grapefruit dominate this lighter offering that balances a dry finish with a smooth malt body.  

Patterson Porter – 5.8% ABV
Dark and rich ale with hints of chocolate sweetness.   

Pencil Pusher Pale Ale – 6.0% ABV
American style strong pale with full flavored malt body and complex hop profile that is dominated by ripe fruit and piney aromas.  

Pigman Pale Ale - 5.2 % ABV
Smooth with a dry finish, this American style pale ale is brewed with Centennial, Cascade & Amarillo hops.  

Pilfers Pale Ale - 4.8% ABV
The first in a series of attempts to make a eminently drinkable hoppy beer, this lower alcohol pale ale is still packed with hoppy goodness. Sometimes referred to as a hoppy session ale, low alcohol pale ales are far more thirst quenching and quaffable than their stronger counterparts. American 2 Row barley and English Pale and Crystal malts provide a subtle background for the floral and citrus noted of Nelson, Citra and Sorachi Ace hops.

Pocket Full o' Green - 7.4% ABV
A twist on an American I.P.A. this completely unfiltered beer is still brewed with copious amounts of hops but  mixes up the act by incorporating 30% wheat malt.  Adding a slightly softer mouthfeel and a fuller body, the wheat malt and the interplay of five different hop varietals make this a pleasure to sip.

Popsicle Princess - 4.8% ABV
To describe this beer as different would be like comparing unicorns or narwhals. Brewed with a ridiculous quantity of Reiger Farms peaches, Garcia tart cherries, 108 Big Stick Popsicles (R) and an utterly unique Belgian yeast strain this beer erupts with a rainbow of flavors in your mouth.

The Pope
I.P.A. – 7.0% ABV
Full bodied yet dry this West Coast I.P.A is packed with flavors reminiscent of fresh fruit & pine forests.

Push & Pull - 4.2.% ABV
Brewed exclusively with British malted barley and hops. Push & Pull is a Best Bitter featuring East Kent Golding, Fuggles and Target hops. Think of it as a light English pale ale.

Pumpkin Ale – 6.0% ABV

Brewed with 65 lbs. of roasted pumpkins and 70 lbs. of pumpkin meal this amber ale is gently spiced with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg & allspice.  

Pumpkin Saison - 7.0% ABV
Dark orange in color, this tribute to fall is brewed with 80 lbs. of Givens Farm pumpkins and a healthy addition of pumpkin meal. Gently spiced to balance with the Belgian yeast flavors.




Sancho - 5.4 % ABV
Mexican lager brewed with copious amounts of Vienna malt for a refreshing summer beer with body.
Sands Session Ale – 5.0% ABV
This cream ale is pale gold in color with a subtle hop profile and a soft wheaty mouthfeel.  

Scotch Ale – 6.2% ABV
Deep mahogany to brown in color, this beer is distinguished by its firm malt backbone and subtle roastiness. Finished with Sterling hops and a generous addition of molasses at the end of the boil.
Scotch Rye – 6.2% ABV
Amber in color, this 60 schilling Scottish ale is brewed with a touch of molasses and 25% rye malt.  

Shaky Hands – 7.5% ABV
This Imperial Coffee Porter is a balance of coffee and chocolate aromas that are a precursor to the bold flavors within. 

Sharp Cookie - 6.4% ABV
This American style brown ale combines the rich chocolate and caramel flavors of a rich traditional brown ale with the hop punch of an aggressive pale ale.

Sorachi San-7.1% ABV

Belgian style ale brewed with 100% Sorachi Ace hops.  Deep golden in color with a spicy and earthy hop bite that fades into flavors of citrus.  Strong aroma of freshly peeled lemons and aromatic yeast.

Southern Chaos - 5.9% ABV
Golden colored pale ale brewed with a single hop varietal. This new hop varietal, Nelson Sauvign, is grown exclusively in New Zealand and has an aroma of freshly pressed grape juice and is extremely floral and aromatic. 2011 GABF  Medalist

Spring Fling - 6.2% ABV

A light, crisp Belgian Saison with spice and citrus notes. Brewed with white pepper and locally grown lavender.

Stage Fright - 6.3% ABV
American Style Strong Pale Ale packed with bright hop flavors balanced against a mellow hop profile.

Street Level Stout - 6.1% ABV

The latest collaborative installment with our friends at The French Press.  This mocha stout is brewed with a lactose sugar to provide a full bodied sweetness in combination with a dark , rich, roasted flavor. Finished with cacao nibs and Verve Coffee Roaster's Street Level espresso.

Stupid Smart Stout - 5.7% ABV
This foreign style stout incorporates freshly roasted Ethiopia Gedeo espresso beans roasted by Castle Coffee Roasters.  A malt bill rich in English flavor with hints of toffee and caramel backed by a light citrus acidity.

Summer Pale Ale – 4.2% ABV

Beautifully golden with a sharp bite, this low alcohol pale ale is brewed with Vienna and wheat malts for just a touch of malt flavor.
Table 42 Red - 5.2% ABV
Rich malty flavors of caramel and freshly baked bread with a mellow hop profile to balance.

The Dark - 8.8% ABV
Belgian strong ale with bold flavors of caramelized fruit and a hint of chocolate sweetness.

Tim’s Pale - 6.0% ABV

An aggressively hopped American style strong pale ale. Golden yellow with a crisp hop bite that is balanced by an earthy pine aroma.
Tiny Bubbles - 4.5% ABV
A refreshingly tart wheat beer brewed with wheat and pilsner malts.  Gently flavored with coriander and a small addition of salt.   
2010 GABF  Medalist

Tucked In T-Shirt -  4.1% ABV
Refreshingly light German style wheat beer featuring a more subdued flavor and aroma than our traditional Hefeweizen. Hope you enjoy this obscure summer refresher. Probst!

Twelfth Man -
4.7% ABV
We brewed this  this light, refreshing summer ale with English malts and white tea, creating a biscuity, slightly sweet beer. When your team needs refreshment, call in the Twelfth Man!




Wet Hop Red Ale - 6.5% A.B.V.
Typically brewed only once a year, wet hop ales are beers that use hops picked straight from the fields and are shipped before drying.  Wet hops tend to have an earthier and more herbal flavor as opposed to their dried counterparts which tend to be extremely fruity and piney.    

Wheelhouse Stout - 7.8% ABV
This American style stout has a rich, roasted, chocolate aroma and flavor with a hint of piney hops and an assertive bitterness.

WHite Star X.P.A. – 5.5% ABV

An extra pale ale brewed without crystal malts. Served on nitrogen for a softer mouth feel.

W.W.J.B. – 6.5% ABV
Salvation for the common man! Not quite water into wine this I.P.A. is sure to quench your thirst on the hottest of summer days.