On Tap


Beachside blonde - 4.8% abv
German style Kolsch ale. Crisp and clean with an earthy hop bite.

Bier de table - 4.4% abv
A Belgian style table beer, full flavored and gently spiced with sage, white pepper and a touch of honey.

Hollister Hefeweizen - 5.3% abv
A light Bavarian wheat ale with hints of bananas and clove.

coastal common - 5.4% ABV
Brewed in the style of a California Common, but fermented and aged like a lager, this light and refreshing beer is bright and fruity.

Dark Waters Lager - 6.0% ABV
Amber colored lager with aromas and flavors of toffee and biscuit. In spite of its amber color, it is one of our lightest and most refreshing offerings currently on tap.

Table 42 Red - 5.5% Abv
Rich malty flavors of caramel and freshly baked bread with a mellow hop profile to balance.   

Push & pull - 4.2% Abv
Brewed exclusively with British malted barley and hops. Push & Pull is a Best Bitter featuring East Kent Golding, Fuggles and Target hops. Think of it as a light English ale.

Pencil Pusher Pale Ale - 6.5% ABV
American style strong pale with full flavored malt body and complex hop profile that is dominated by ripe fruit and piney aromas.

The Pope I.P.A. - 6.8% abv
Full bodied yet dry, this West Coast I.P.A. is packed with flavors reminiscent of fresh fruit and pine forests.

Hippie Kicker I.P.A. - 7.2% Abv
Bold and brash American style I.P.A. This beer has a bracing hop bitterness and aggressive in your face aroma.  Expect a dry and sharp lingering aftertaste from this golden yellow meanie.

Hip Hop D.I.P.A. - 9.1% ABV
Quintessential American style Imperial/Double I.P.A. Deep golden in color, it is both bold and balanced.
2008 & 2009 GABF Medalist

loud mouth soup - 7.8% ABV
Scottish style Wee Heavy Ale. deep mahogany to brown in color, this strong ale is a malt monster. Flavors of chocolate and dark fruit dominate, but are balanced by a subdued hop profile.

Wheelhouse Stout - 8.6% ABV

This American style stout has a rich, roasted chocolate aroma and flavor with a hint of piney hops and an assertive bitterness.

fire dragon I.R.A. - 7.8%
Fusing caramel malt richness with forceful bitterness and massive aroma of citrus and pine, this India red ale is a force to be reckoned with.

Rye PA - 7.0% ABV
This bold copper colored IPA uses an array of American hops to offer aromatic and bittering balance to the distinctive spiciness of the rye grain.