glass of beer with hops

About Us

Hollister Brewing Company (HBC) was established in May 2007 with a vision of creating a fun, relaxing establishment offering handcrafted beer to complement handcrafted food.

We are a locally owned and operated brewpub and our goal is to provide and maintain a comfortable, unpretentious environment that appeals to our local clientele as well as beer and food aficionado's from around the country. We're here to exceed expectations, to introduce people to things they may not have had before, and to do it in a fun and educational way.

HBC was born of a devotion to quality, craft, and community. We strive to raise the bar in terms of what people eat and drink, how it was made, who made it, where it came from, where the ingredients it came from came from, who grew those ingredients and how. From the materials used to build HBC and the artisans who built and installed them, to our eclectic music mix, to our efforts to minimize our downstream impact, we are striving to champion the artist, the artisan and the environment. While we are certainly far from perfect in our application of these ideals, they are our core and what we aim for.

Hollister Brewing Company takes pride in having up to 15 different, unique beers on tap at any given time. We invite you to come taste what HBC is all about.